Process Industry

Process industries are characterized by continuity of operation and any breakdown in power supply may prove costly in terms of lost production, lost time in restoring the process and wasted man hours. That is why it is absolutely critical to ensure a standby backup power source. Process industry’s unflinching trust in Kirloskar Greene has grown over the years and we are proud to say that today we are the most preferred power solution of the industry.


Engineering/ Manufacturing Sector

Engineering industry and more precisely auto component industry is a manufacturing hotspot for domestic as well as global markets. Highly advanced machines are performing critical precision operations on costly raw materials with even costlier tools and sudden breakdown of power may result in damaged tools, parts or components. Today most of the plants have automated manufacturing as well as support function systems so power failure means failure of production lines. On the other hand catering to the heavy demand and just-in-time manufacturing practices, shutting down production for power shortage or failure is not only loss maker but reputation breaker too.

Commercial Sector

Today malls are magnets for shoppers and they not only shop for goods and services but also an exquisite experience. Malls with central air-conditioning, aesthetical lighting and offering ease of movement with escalators and lifts are the most popular ones. And to run all these utilities one need trusted, reliable, constant and consistent power supply which only KOEL GREENE can offer.


FMCG Sector

Fast moving consumer goods are expanding their network like never before and that too with enviable product range. As most of the products need different level of refrigeration and cooling at the retail shops and for some during entire supply chain, unfailing and regular power source becomes inevitable. Kirloskar Green has portable options like Chhota Chilli to suit shops and warehouses of any scale and size. This ideal combination of innovative FMCG products and pioneering power solutions is reaping rich dividends for businesses at every nook and corner of the country.

IT/ITES Sector

A typical IT and ITES company has hundreds of desktop workstations, multiple data rooms and servers which need uninterrupted power supply. Moreover IT and ITES companies need to have perpetual connection with the world and safety of the electronic data is a primary concern. Kirloskar Green has power solution to suit IT businesses of every scale and stature for a completely worry-free standby power experience.


Banking / Insurance Sector

Just like IT and ITEs, Banking sector has shifted to 100% online working and millions of transactions happen in real time across the globe. To ensure availability of IT infrastructure across all platforms seamless power is eminent. The ATM network also needs dependable power backup to ensure consistency and reliability in customer services.

Public Sector

Public utilities like water supply, sanitation, street lighting and emergency services are the most critical ones and an assurance of trustworthy and robust power backup is a must. Kirloskar Green accords users that highly coveted assurance of maintenance-free, efficient and environment friendly products. The recent trend of amusement and theme parks attract hoards of people and they are usually power driven. For the safety of people and highly costly equipments sturdy power back up is always essential.